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Project Description
This is a very simple project which provides a commenting web part and a list template with the instance to store user's comments.

SharePoint OTB only provides commenting capability on the Blog sites where users add their posts and anyone can view the page and add comments.

Comments Anywhere can be configured on any list, pages library or any page of the SharePoint site with a web part zone enabling users to add their comments virtually anywhere you as an admin or a power user of your site want them to

Comment Web Part

A custom web part which can be dropped anywhere on the site displaying all the comments added by users on the current page and also allows users to add more comments by clicking on the add comment button.

New Comment

A custom form which allow users to add comments when the user clicks on add comment button.

There is no server side code or custom assembly to program any logic. Everything is done through CAML, DVWP and Schemas.

Central Location where all comments are stored makes it easier to manage. Archive the old comments to clean up when required.


Install the WSP and activate the feature on site collection. It will depoly the comments web part, comments list template and list instance to store comments.

Edit the publishing page or dispform.aspx or any other page on SharePoint with webpart zone and chuck in comments web part to the zone.

The template schema and web part is available to customize to what suits your environment. Create a css or add the inline styles by editing the .webpart file. Or if you are like me then customize the web part properties in the schema.xml and deploy.

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